Grant program “Strengthening Citizens’ Access to Justice” Request for Applications

“Strengthening Citizens’ Access to Justice”

Request for Applications

Dear Applicant,

The Access to Justice in Moldova Project (ATJ), implemented by Millennium DPI Partners, LLC (MDPI), is seeking applications for the Grants Program “Strengthening Citizens’ Access to Justice.”

The purpose of the Grant program is to strengthen citizens’ access to justice through insuring a better awareness of rights and freedoms and offering legal support. This Request for Applications (RFA) asks for proposals, which would contribute to the implementation of at least one of the following two objectives:

Objective 1: Knowledge of the law, available protections for fundamental freedoms, including freedom of expression, freedom of religion and freedom of assembly, is brought to the attention of Moldovan citizens.

Objective 2: Moldovan citizens, whose rights have been violated, including victims of discrimination and violence, receive legal support from legal aid service providers.

ATJ funding for any individual grant will not exceed $15,000 per year. The  maximum amount per grant will not exceed $22,500 over a proposed 1.5 year period. The ceiling value is provided only as a guide to potential applicants. Applicants are encouraged to develop cost competitive financial proposals.  

It is envisaged that ATJ will offer primarily small grants between $5,000 and $10,000 for discrete short-term activities that directly support the objectives of Access to Justice in Moldova Project. ATJ anticipates issuing 7-10 awards for a maximum of 1.5 year period of performance. Applications activities should be finalized before July 31, 2021.

All costs funded by the grant must be allowable, allocable and reasonable. Grant applications must be supported by a detailed and realistic budget as described in Annex 2.

Applications should be submitted by January 20, 2019, in English, on the following email address: Late or unresponsive applications will not be considered.

Please submit all questions concerning this RFA to the e-mail: by December 22, 2019. Questions may be formulated in Romanian, Russian or English. Answers will be sent via email to applicants by December 30, 2019. At the request of applicants, ATJ/MDPI will assist applicants in understanding the application process.

Request for Application (RFA)

Annex A – Application Form

Annex B – Budget

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