World Bank Group is looking for Agricultural specialist / Agriculture Economist (Consultant)



Title of the position:  Agricultural specialist / Agriculture Economist (Consultant)

Project:                       Europe and Central Asia Agri-Finance project (ECA Agri Finance)

Direct Manager:         Financial Sector Specialist

Appointment:             STC Local

Organizational Mapping (IBRD, IFC, MIGA): IFC

Job Location: Moldova

Appointment Duration: 6 months


Background /General Description

The World Bank Group’s Finance, Competitiveness & Innovation Global Practice (FCI) combines expertise in the financial sector with expertise in private sector development to foster private-sector led growth and help create markets in client countries. Through this work, FCI strengthens the World Bank Group’s evolving approach to development finance: to maximize finance for development and to leverage private sector investments for sustainable and inclusive growth.

Globally, FCI leads the institution’s dialogue on financial sector policies and private sector development, as well as engagement with various standard-setting bodies, such as the G20, Financial Stability Board, the UN, etc. Within countries, FCI works with governments to create an enabling environment where financial stability, access to finance and risk management provide a foundation to crowd-in private sector investment, create capital markets, and accelerate equitable growth.

At the same time, the practice is focused on identifying firm- and industry-level constraints to deliver reforms which can drive growth and accelerate job creation (including access to finance, innovation, special economic zones, industry solutions, entrepreneurship, etc.). Boosting firm-level efficiency and productivity centers on adopting better technologies, including digital ones. FCI comprises close to 800 staff working across more than 120 countries.

The Project

The Europe and Central Asia Agri-Finance project goal is to improve (a) access to finance, and (b) productivity and access to markets for farmers/producers of sup-ply chains in Eastern European countries.

The Project will look at limited access to finance for farmers/producers from 2 perspectives: lack of skills/knowledge (of risks in agriculture and availability of relevant tools) in financial institutions (FIs) and low bankability of farmers/producers due to lack of capacity and lack of avenues to improve this capacity. To address this failure, the Project will provide advisory services to partner FIs to identify potential clients that match their criteria and help in preparing loan documentation. For this purpose, the Project has developed an agronomy-based risk assessment toolkit (called CLARA).

Objective/Purpose of Assignment

CLARA has been initially developed for Ukraine and is in demand in other countries of the region. Since CLARA is agronomy-based, an adaptation is necessary for it to adequately represent agricultural conditions in another country. It has been adapted for Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyz Republic, Kosovo, Serbia and Azerbaijan. Adaptations for Moldova is required. To strengthen the team faced with this amount of work an agricultural specialist is required.

Scope of Work and Activities

The Agricultural Specialist / Agriculture Economist will provide support to the Project team to develop detailed typical crop plans in a special format that is used in CLARA. The Consultant will also engage with expert agronomists and agri-economists with experience relevant to the whole country and collaborate with the Project team’s specialists. The consultant will also conduct analyses of agricultural sector in Moldova through internet and other available sources.

The Agricultural Specialist / Agriculture Economist will compile relevant information regarding the specifications, analysis of agro-techniques and processing of agricultural products, calculations concerning application of fertilizers norms, detail labor types and costs for targeted crops and will have to account for the following factors of crop production:

  • Country’s agri-climatic zones/ soil types;
  • Irrigated/ non-irrigated land;
  • Common land tillage types;
  • Seasonality in production e.g. annual dry- and wet-season period;
  • Typical crop plan for each crop, showing dependence on agri-climatic zone, soil type, season, tillage type, irrigation, yield level, and listing all field operations and operations at the farm to grow the crop, and their normal start and end dates;
  • Details on each operation, manual or mechanized, productivity per shift, number of workers needed, type of equipment used;
  • Labor cost data based on categories of workers;
  • Equipment data with types of equipment, its productivity and fuel consumption;
  • Inputs usage plan for each crop, showing volume of seeds, fertilizers and plant protection agents needed to grow the crop depending on agri-climatic zone, soil type, season, tillage type, irrigation, and target yield level;
  • Other tasks and duties as required: The TOR may be adjusted to meet the Project‘s requirements.

Outputs and Deliverables

The Consultant shall submit report in writing and information in English or Russian language containing the following:

  • Detailed crop plans for targeted crops in Moldova:
    • Cereals and oil crops: wheat (winter and spring), barley (winter and spring), corn, beans, sunflower, soy, rapeseed (winter and spring), buckwheat
    • Vegetables, horticulture and other: sugar beet, potato, carrot, cucumber, tomato, onion, apples, plums, nuts
    • Livestock: dairy, beef production, pork production, poultry, sheep, goat
  • All typical agri equipment being used in Moldova
  • Report on work completed covering above-mentioned tasks

Special Terms & Conditions / Specific Requirements

The Agricultural Specialist / Agriculture Economist will get detailed explanations of CLARA, how it works, and the format required to supply data to its database.

Duration and Length of the Assignment

The duration of the assignment will be from January 13, 2020 till April 1, 2020.

Length of assignment: The length of this assignment is estimated at 55 working days between January 13, 2020 till June 30, 2020.


  • Degree or M.Sc. degree in agriculture, agriculture economics;
  • Expertise in agronomy and agri-economics relevant to the whole country (provide at the application/CV a list of crops that the applicant has deep knowledge);
  • Substantial data management expertise: using MS Excel and relational databases;
  • Experience in data collection and analysis;
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills;
  • Demonstrated ability to set priorities and to work with minimum supervision in order to meet changing deadlines;
  • Fluent in Romanian and English, Russian is preferential.

Application process: All interested candidates with relevant experience should submit their CV and Cover Letter by Dec 27, 2019 at  Applicants MUST identify the agriculture products they have experience in with the application.

Deadline for applications – Dec 27, 2019. 

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