Call for expression of interest for selecting Companies for being founders/members of the GreenCityLab.

Reg. no.: EoI19/02012

 Launch date: 26 December 2019, 11:56 (GMT+2:00)

 Deadline: 31 January 2020, 14:00 (GMT+2:00)

Procurement method: Expression of Interest

Category & Sub-category: Grants;Grants to Beneficiaries


The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) hereby announces an Expression of Interest for selecting companies for being founders of the GreenCityLa. Green City Lab should become an urban projects powerhouse and platform where both Moldovan public sector, private sector and funds/donors meet, exchange ideas and create projects that will enable low carbon green city development, energy-efficient society and industry, new tech-based industry and adapt to future.

Project Summary:

While still being the least urbanized European country with over 55% of the population residing in rural areas (as of 2014), the situation is rapidly changing in the Republic of Moldova, with a projected reduction of the share of the rural population down to 50% by 2030 and close to 40% by 2050. The inflow of new residents has been particularly strong to Chisinau, not only from the rural areas but also from other cities across the country. By 2030 Chisinau is expected to host over 50% of all urban population in Moldova putting even more pressure on the city’s infrastructure and services, while also creating considerable social and environmental challenges. Thus, the management of the urbanization and rural-urban migration process has been gaining attention as one of the key national development priorities.

The objective of the project is to catalyze investments in low carbon green urban development based on an integrated urban planning approach by encouraging innovation, participatory planning and partnerships between a variety of public and private sector entities.

  • The project will support the design, launching, and establishment of the Green City Lab to become the leading knowledge management and networking platform, clearinghouse, an inter-mediator of finance and a source of innovations and expertise to catalyze sustainable low carbon green city development in Moldova with a mission to transform Chisinau and other urban centers in Moldova into modern green and smart European cities with improved quality of life for their citizens, while also demonstrating opportunities for sustainable economic growth.


  • To catalyze investments in low carbon green urban development based on integrated urban planning approach;
  • To encourage innovation, participatory planning, and partnerships between a variety of public and private sector entities.

Expected results:

  • Fully operational and sustainable Green City Lab (GCL) recognized by the key stakeholders as the leading innovation, knowledge management, and networking platform and a source of expertise for catalyzing sustainable low carbon green city development in Moldova;
  • Successfully completed pilot/demonstration projects facilitated by the GCL with related monitoring, reporting and verification of its results in integrated and participatory urban land use and mobility planning; residential building energy efficiency and renewable energy use; low carbon mobility; resource-efficient waste management.
  • Knowledge management and M&E to facilitate learning, scaling up and replication of project results.

Should you require further clarification, kindly communicate with the contact person identified below as a focal point for queries on this EoI: Alexandru Rotaru, Project Manager, Moldova Sustainable Green Cities Project, e-mail: alexandru.rotaru@undp.org, mob. 069162798.

The application package shall be submitted electronically by January 31, 2020 to the following e-mail address: alexandru.rotaru@undp.org titled in the message subject line as “GCL founders/members 2020, [applicant’s name]”. Application package received after the above deadline will not be considered.

Interested Companies must provide information indicating that they are qualified under the general criteria provided in the Application Guide as per this EoI.

Mr. Alexandru Rotaru, e-mail: alexandru.rotaru@undp.org

Supporting documents:Application form (En)

Application guide (En)

Letter of Invitation (En)

Clarification Questions & Answers:

There are no Clarification Questions submitted and/or answered by UNDP under this competition.

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Clarifications can be requested until 7 days before the competition deadline.
Only registered users can submit clarification questions online.

Details: https://sc.undp.md/tnddetails2/2012/

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