New School, in Tbilisi, Georgia, with the support of the European Union and the International Baccalaureate, is pleased to announce its Call for Applications for the Eastern Partnership European School Scholarship programme for the academic year 2020/2021.

All eligible students from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine aged 16-17 years old are invited to apply. Thirty-five successful students will be chosen among the best performing in the region to obtain an IB Diploma with a focus on European Studies.


The Diploma Programme will consist of a two-year course of study based on the International Baccalaureate standard requirements combined with the unique opportunity of a specialised study of Europe and European affairs.

Standard IB courses in human sciences, languages and literature, arts and history, have been aligned to the European Baccalaureate (EB) studies and complemented by a distinct European perspective. In their studies, essays and learning activities, students will thus have the chance to also reflect on European topics and themes.

Extra-curricular activities will further define the European angle of students’ experience at New School, allowing them to attend conferences and events on European subjects with the participation of the EU academics and senior officials. Possible study visits to the European Institutions aimed at reinforcing students’ knowledge of Europe and its people may be organised.

The IB Diploma Programme with a focus on European Studies will be delivered by New School in Tbilisi, Georgia, an authorised IB School since 2010 and a partner of the European Union.


The Scholarship programme is funded by the European Union.

The scholarship covers the full two-year cycle of the IB Diploma Programme, plus boarding costs, where relevant.

The scholarship will be awarded the first academic year and will be automatically extended to the second academic year, subject to the students’ successful completion of year 1. Students will not need to reapply for scholarship in their second year.


  • Tuition fees for the academic year 2020/2021 for the European focused International Baccalaureate Programme at New School located in Tbilisi, Georgia.
  • Boarding in Tbilisi, Georgia, including meals. Students will be accommodated in the on-campus dormitory at New School premises.
  • Round trips between Tbilisi and family residence, during four annual school breaks.
  • Allowance for local transportation, accessible to each student on a personal debit card of the Bank of Georgia.
  • Study materials and resources needed for students to perform in the programme (books, laptops, calculators, and smartphones for the duration of the studies).
  • Participation in EU sponsored seminars, conferences, study tours and other events.
  • Medical insurance, including dental care.


The selection process will give equal consideration to all eligible applications received.

The selection process consists of the following stages:
• Submission of Applications – Until 14 March 2020
• Written tests– during March 2020
• Interviews –during April 2020
A qualified selection panel will conduct the selection process, using objective and transparent scoring methods. The decisions of the Selection Panel will be final and without appeal.

Submission of Applications

The deadline for submitting applications is 14 March 2020, at 12:00 Georgia time (noon, UCT+4.00).

Candidates are requested to create an online applicant profile on New School website (www.eapeuropeanschool.eu) to submit their application.
Any late or incomplete application will be disregarded. After successful submission of their complete file, applicants will receive an automatic acknowledgement email. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to sit the written tests.

Written tests in Mathematics and English

There will be two written tests: a maths test and an English language test. All tests will be conducted in English. The written tests will be conducted in the country of residence of shortlisted candidates.

Mathematics test:
Minimum level of competence 40% (However, students achieving higher scores will have an advantage over students with a lower percentage during selection).
Students achieving 60% or higher will be allowed to enrol for higher level courses in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.
Mathematics test topics are as follows: Number, Set and Numbers, Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Coordinate Geometry, Statistics and Probability (details are available upon request).

English examination:
The test is composed of two sections. In the reading test section, students will be asked to read texts and answer given questions, thus demonstrating understanding of the texts.
In the written section, students will be asked to produce a text (150-250 words) about a real or imaginary event related to culture, health, leisure, science or technology.
To ensure accessibility and equal opportunities for all written tests, requested physical presence will be administered locally, in all six countries, by recognised partner organisations. Testing will be held in all six countries at the same time, during the month of March 2020.
Candidates will be notified of the exact date of the tests and of the location of the testing centres.


Based on the written test results, successful applicants will be invited to the Skype interview – the third and final stage of the selection procedure.

The interview will assess the following elements of a students’ preparedness for the course:
• Openness to new learning experiences and cultures;
• Readiness for boarding life and living in a foreign country or far from home (as applicable);
• Curiosity and motivation;
• Study subjects of interest and courses the candidate would like to enrol in;
• Communication and oral skills, including but not limited to spoken English;
• Social competences and active involvement in after-school activities (sports, clubs, competitions, etc.).

Individual interviews with personnel from New School and other assessors are scheduled to take place in April 2020.
During the interviews, the Selection Panel will give high consideration to the motivation of students, their openness to other cultures and interest in European affairs.
The list of scholarship recipients for the academic year 2020-2021 will be announced in the second half of May 2020.

The entire application process for the scholarship is free of charge. However, the travel charges to the location where the testing will be organised have to be covered by the applicants and are not reimbursable.

Details: https://www.eapeuropeanschool.eu/

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