Post-Compact Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant

1.      Background

The Government of the United States of America acting through the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and the Government of the Republic of Moldova (GoM) signed in 2010 a Millennium Challenge Compact to help facilitate poverty reduction through economic growth in the Republic of Moldova.

The Compact was implemented by the Millennium Challenge Account Moldova over a five (5) year period and included two projects: (i) the Road Rehabilitation Project, which rehabilitated roads in the north-eastern part of the Republic of Moldova; and (ii) the Transition to High Value Agriculture (THVA) Project, which conducted activities to promote the transition to high value agriculture through reconstruction of irrigation systems, irrigation sector reform, facilitating access to finance in agriculture and increased sales of high value products. To ensure the sustainability of Compact investments in the period after program completion, MCC and the GoM have decided to reorganize MCA Moldova into a successor entity (Sustainable Development Account-Moldova (SDA-Moldova)), which among other obligations, will have the task to coordinate monitoring and evaluation (M&E) activities undertaken by the Government of the Republic of Moldova.

M&E functions under the Compact were undertaken by the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit of MCA Moldova. The M&E Unit developed the MCA Moldova M&E Plan that served as the basic instrument for planning and managing monitoring, evaluation and reporting of progress made towards achieving the Compact objectives.

According to MCC’s Policy for Monitoring and Evaluation of Compacts and Threshold Programs, Compact beneficiary countries shall continue M&E activities after program completion. In this regard, the GoM, MCC and MCA Moldova signed a Memorandum of Understanding to continue the monitoring activities of the Compact Moldova results for the period January 1, 2016 – December 31, 2022. Under this MOU, the State Chancellery was designated as the entity that will take over the monitoring responsibilities in the Post Compact period.

The M&E activities for this period are described in the Post-Compact M&E Plan, developed by MCA Moldova and MCC, which includes, inter alia, the monitoring and evaluation responsibilities of the State Chancellery.

2.      Scope

According to the Post-Compact M&E Plan, during the period 2016-2021 SDA-Moldova shall provide to the State Chancellery assistance on all Post Compact M&E-related aspects.

In this regard, SDA-Moldova calls for advisory services on all aspects of Post Compact monitoring activities. The Consultant will provide broad assistance in:

  • Elaboration and submission of the Annual Reports to MCC.
  • Coordination of M&E technical aspects with entities responsible for providing primary data for indicators reported by the State Chancellery, according to the list of indicators in the Post Compact M&E Plan.
  • Evaluation results dissemination, including (if applicable) organization of public presentations and publishing results on relevant websites.

In addition, when necessary, the Consultant will serve as a point of contact for any inquiries about projects and activities implemented during the Compact period related to the submission of the Annual Reports to MCC.

3.      Main tasks

The responsibilities for the position are as described below:

Annual Reporting

The Consultant will assist the State Chancellery and SDA-Moldova in preparing and submitting to MCC the Annual Reports, which will include the following components:

I. Post Compact Indicator Tracking Table (ITT). The Consultant will assist in collecting data on the indicators set out in the Post Compact M&E Plan and populating the Post Compact ITT. In particular, the Consultant will be responsible for data collection from the following institutions: the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, the State Road Administration, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Agency “Apele Moldovei”, Credit Line Directorate or its Successor, and Increase of Food Production Implementation and Administration Unit (2KR). In case of modifications in the Post Compact M&E Plan and/or extending the list of primary data providers, the Consultant will provide assistance in collecting these new data too.

II. SDA-Moldova Annual Activity Report. This report should be approved by the SDA-Moldova Steering Committee and submitted to the State Chancellery not later than March 1 of the year following the reporting period. Within its scope and authority, the Consultant will provide assistance to the SDA-Moldova in submission of such Reports as a part of entire package of the Annual Reports to MCC.  

III. Where appropriate, a summary of Post Compact activities undertaken or continued by the Government with reference to the sustainability of program investments. Within its scope and authority, the Consultant will provide assistance to SDA-Moldova and the State Chancellery in elaboration of such summaries on Post Compact activities undertaken or continued by the GoM.

The Consultant will support the State Chancellery in order to ensure the delivery of the Annual Report and its annexes no later than April 30 of the year following the reporting year by e-mail to the designated representative of MCC.

Supervision and technical coordination

Additionally to activities related to elaboration and submission of the Annual Reports the Consultant will be responsible for the following in coordination with the State Chancellery:

  • Ensuring regular checking and verification of all collected data for completeness, consistency, accuracy, currency, and other data quality dimensions before compiling the Annual Report. Periodic field visits may be required to verify the accuracy of the data reported.
  • Providing guidance and advice to the Moldova State Chancellery on all M&E matters regarding MCA Moldova projects.
  • Organizing and conducting necessary trainings, workshops and/or additional public events for the all institutions involved in the process of elaboration and submission of the M&E Annual Reports to MCC.
  • Coordinating the review of evaluation reports and providing assistance to MCC evaluators in collecting Post Compact primary data.
  • Providing assistance to MCC evaluators in dissemination of the evaluation results.
  • Maintaining constant communication with MCC on topics related to Compact projects’ evaluation process.
  • Identifying opportunities for taking over the best M&E practices and experience by other institutions and organizations.
  • Perform other responsibilities designated by the SDA-Moldova Executive Director relevant to the subject assignment.

 4.      Technical and/or professional capacities

To be admitted to the competition, applicants must meet the following qualification requirements: 


  • University degree in economics, social sciences, statistics or other related fields.
  • M&E-related professional training courses provided by international organizations.

Working experience and knowledge:

  • At least three years of experience in Monitoring and Evaluation with particular experience in complex and multi-component programs in international organizations.
  • At least one year of practical experience in Monitoring and Evaluation within an international assistance program/project that involved participation of public authorities of the Republic of Moldova.
  • Experience in data quality analysis, data aggregation, data analysis and elaboration of analytical reports.
  • Practical knowledge about the M&E policies within international organizations or international financing institutions.
  • Practical experience in elaboration of M&E plans and M&E indicators.  
  • Professional communication skills (written and oral) in English.


The Consultant is employed on a part-time basis for the years 2020-2021. The initial period of the assignment is considered the level of effort of 50 (fifty) working days delivered during 2020 year with additional optional period of 50 (fifty) working days delivered during 2021 year. The optional period will be activated at the sole discretion of SDA-Moldova, based on the quality of services provided during the initial period.


The Consultant shall report to the SDA-Moldova Executive Director (the “Contract Coordinator”) and will maintain coordination relations with MCC. During the entire assignment period, the Consultant and the SDA-Moldova will hold weekly meetings to coordinate all technical and other emerging matters. The Consultant is also expected to proactively report and/or meet with the SDA-Moldova in a timely fashion on an ad hoc basis when urgent needs emerge.

The Consultant will develop Monthly Reports summarizing the description of services performed for SDA-Moldova. The Monthly Reports and the invoices, which will serve as basis for the payment for the services, shall be submitted by the date of 25 of the current calendar month.


The SDA-Moldova shall provide to the Consultant the services and facilities as follows:

  • SDA-Moldova shall make available to the Consultant all documents pertaining to the Consultant’s mandate both in hard and electronic copies (where necessary). All documents so provided will remain the property of the SDA-Moldova, as appropriate. The Consultant may not dispose of or otherwise make use of such documents without the prior written approval of SDA-Moldova, as appropriate.
  • SDA-Moldova shall provide to the Consultant a fully furnished working place with access to international phone/fax/internet at the SDA-Moldova premises in Chisinau for the duration of the assignment.
  • SDA-Moldova will also avail its printer and paper for printing of handouts as required by the Consultant.
  • SDA-Moldova shall arrange and cover the cost of:

(i) local transportations for directly related to the execution of the duties under the assignment (e.g. site visits, meetings outside SDA-Moldova, etc.).

(ii) communication expenses, including phone services, directly related to the execution of the duties under the assignment.

Instructions for Submission of Applications

To be considered, applicants must submit the following information:

1)   Curriculum Vitae, not to exceed five (5) pages, showing at a minimum, the applicant’s educational background including degree(s) obtained, professional experience in reverse chronological order, language proficiency, and any other relevant professional information.

2)   Professional References: Names and contact information (telephone number(s) and email address) of three professional references in addition to anyone already listed in Item (1) above.  Please clearly state the relationship of the professional reference to the applicant (e.g., supervisor, former colleague, other).

3)    Deadline for receipt of the aforementioned information is March 5, 2020, at 17:00 in Chisinau, Moldova.  Complete application packages must be expedited to: 

Mail to: SDA-Moldova

Iorga 21 str., Office 5

Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

(tel: +373 22 852211)

Email to:

An email application should specify the position name for which you are applying in the subject line of the email message. The application materials should be submitted as attachments in PDF format.


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