EXTENDED: Baseline Study in Moldova for the “Unlocking the potential of young social entrepreneurs”

Background information

The “Unlocking the potential of young social entrepreneurs in Moldova and Ukraine” project helps to foster the social entrepreneurial potential of young people in Moldova and Ukraine by establishing a favourable ecosystem for social enterprises as well as by inspiring and supporting more young social entrepreneurs to develop and sustain their innovative solutions to the promotion of social inclusion and environmental sustainability across both countries. The project is funded by the European Union under its EU4Youth Programme. 

AXA Management Consulting is in charge of the project baseline study in Moldova. Therefore, currently AXA Management Consulting is seeking for a local expert or a team of experts to conduct a rigorous baseline study for the project in Moldova. The study methodology should be replicable to use for the mid-term and final evaluation of the project. The baseline also acts as part of the integral learning objective of the final evaluation. 

Purpose of the baseline study

The purpose of the assignment is to carry out a study in targeted location in Moldova to establish baseline against all indicators given in the project Log-frame . The study will establish the baseline for the project´s key indicators and constitute the basis to measure the project performance in Moldova. Even though the baseline study is intended primarily to facilitate the project monitoring and evaluation, it will also be used as an evidence-based lobbying and advocacy tool. Furthermore, the baseline study should test if the identified demographic scope of the study by the contractor is sufficient in order to create additional indicators for the learning and development of the project. Therefore, this study should act as guideline for further localization of the project and answer questions who and what localities shall be included in the project and who and what localities not.

The results of this baseline study will be merged with the results of the baseline study conducted in Ukraine to provide a comprehensive understanding of the current relevant situation in the 2 countries, which will serve as the basis of the project. 

This baseline study is also expected to propose necessary modification/adjustments to the project’s Log-frame.


The baseline study is estimated to be undertaken right after the contract is signed until 31 May 2020.

Deadline and submission of expression of interest (EoI)

AXA Management Consulting invites interested consultants/consultancy teams to submit the following EoI documents by 16 April 2020:

• Expression of interest outlining how the consultant(s) meets the selection criteria and their understanding of the ToR

• Financial proposal

• CV(s) of the consultant or all consultancy team members 

• At least 1 example of similar pieces of work completed recently

The EoI, in English, shall be sent to Mr. Vitalie Popa and Ms.Chau Bui with “EU4Youth-Unlocking the potential-Baseline study proposal” as the email subject. Any questions to the study should be directed to

For more detailes, please see the attached Terms of Reference.

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